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Custom dashboards let you see whether KPIs are meeting goals.

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Needles offers the unique ability to support firms in streamlining and automating practice management, keeping cases on track, and gaining efficiency—whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Transform & Scale Your Firm with Dashboard Insights

No Missed Deadlines, No Lost Files

Automate Processes With Industry-Leading Workflow

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See why over 2,600 of the most successful law firms across the US use Needles:

"We’ve experienced significant growth at our firm over the years and we know we would have not seen that growth without Needles."

"Since 1994 our firm has relied on Needles to track our cases, keep our clients informed and provide us with accurate up-to-date reports."

"[I] have found the customization capabilities second to none. Trainers and support staff have consistently exceeded our expectations."

Case files, deadlines, and tasks are stored with Needles, so everyone knows where everything is, what they need to do, and when it needs to be done.

Automate client intake, document creation, reporting and conflict of interest.

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Automate your practice and settle cases faster. See how Needles Neos our new web-based solution is revolutionizing case management by blending decades of legal intelligence with modern and intuitive technology.

In the Needles cloud platform, there’s no need for local servers or IT infrastructure.

Reduce IT Dependence and Expenses

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